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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Chicago, sit next to The Invisible Man early and for free

Illustration for article titled Chicago, sit next to iThe Invisible Man /iearly and for free
Photo: Universal Pictures

Saw writer Leigh Whannell stepped out of his friend James Wan’s shadow and into genre-movie glory with 2018's Upgrade, a film whose low-budget ingenuity left The A.V. Club wondering—what would happen if Whannell got some blockbuster cash? With a reported budget of $9 million, The Invisible Man is hardly a tentpole release, but it does launch Whannell into the major-studio realm by reinventing James Whale’s 1933 Universal Horror classic for our age. And we can’t wait to check it out.


If you’re similarly stoked to see Elisabeth Moss tortured by her abusive mad-scientist ex—and you live in Chicago—then you’re in luck: We’re sponsoring an advance screening of The Invisible Man on Tuesday, February 25 at 7:30 PM at our usual haunt (no pun intended) of the AMC River East. To enter to win an admit-two pass, just follow this link and fill out a few basic details. Just please arrive early, as advance screenings are overbooked to ensure capacity—and make sure that empty seat is really empty before you sit down.

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