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Chicago, witness Pacific Rim Uprising early and for free

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In the first Pacific Rim movie, Guillermo Del Toro orchestrated the bone-and-gear-crunching battles between kaiju, the otherworldly monsters that crashed through a portal to wreck shit on Earth, and the Jaegers, the giant mech-warriors that make up humanity’s last line of defense. It was great, if not groundbreaking, fun that also saw Charlie Day play a motor-mouthed scientist and Idris Elba be super hot and noble, as is his wont.

But the story didn’t end with a certain sacrifice—the kaiju were beaten back but not defeated, which brings us to Pacific Rim Uprising, Steven DeKnight’s follow-up to Del Toro’s playful yet galvanizing film. John Boyega leads the new generation of Jaeger fighters, who were probably very skilled at Dance Dance Revolution in a past life. Scott Eastwood and Cailee Spaeny have also joined the fight as a couple of hotshots, with Day and Rinko Kikuchi reprising their roles as well.

Now The A.V. Club invites you to witness the Uprising from the safety of a theater in Chicago. Just go to this link and provide the requested info for your chance to win a pass (that admits two) to the Tuesday, March 20, 7 p.m. screening at AMC Navy Pier IMAX. Remember, these advance screenings are often overbooked and fill up fast, so get there early if you don’t want the revolution to leave you behind.

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