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Christiane Amanpour will take Charlie Rose's place on PBS

(Photo: Getty Images, Ilya S. Savenok)

At the end of November, PBS formally dropped Charlie Rose’s show and cut ties with the disgraced newsman after a Washington Post story detailed multiple harassment allegations against him, and now The Hill is reporting that the network has already found a replacement: CNN contributor Christiane Amanpour. Starting on December 11, Amanpour will host a weekly 30-minute “global affairs program” appropriately named Amanpour On PBS, and Neal Shapiro, the CEO of PBS’ New York station WNET, shared a statement welcoming Amanpour to PBS and saying that he’s “gratified to offer this thorough and responsible news program to viewers nationwide.”


The Hill story says that PBS is also planning a second 30-minute show that will follow Amanpour On PBS, but it hasn’t chosen a host for that one. Either way, this will be a new era for PBS, which had been airing Charlie Rose’s show since 1991.

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