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Christopher Nolan says he's definitely not directing Bond 25

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The new Bond movie already has a release date and a star, as Daniel Craig recently found he did have enough fucks left to sign on for his fifth, and possibly final, turn as 007. But the 25th entry in the franchise based on Ian Fleming’s works is still in search of a director. Denis Villeneuve was rumored to be a frontrunner, but the Blade Runner 2049 helmer says that, though he’s definitely interested, he’s got to wrap Dune first. Production has not yet begun on that film, so it looks like it’ll be a while before Villeneuve gets involved, if ever.

Similarly, Christopher Nolan tells BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs program that while he would one day like to contribute a film to the long-running franchise, Bond 25 is not it. “I won’t be the man. No, categorically,” Nolan tells the the host. He acknowledges that “every time they hire a new director I’m rumoured to be doing it.” The Dunkirk director does say he’d “love to make a Bond film at some point” while commending Bond stewards Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson for finding collaborators like Sam Mendes, who’s one of only two directors to helm consecutive 007 films. A fan of the sexy superspy and tastemaker, Nolan says he’d only get involved he had “something completely new” to bring to a Bond movie, but right now the franchise “[doesn’t particularly need me].”

I love the character, I love the films, I’ve been very inspired by the films as anyone who’s seen my films will find embarrassingly obvious. But you’d only take on a franchise like that if you could bring something completely new to it, if that were needed. And I think at the moment they’re doing fantastically well without me.


Last September, Broccoli said she’d definitely consider having a female director tackle a new chapter in the Bond saga, so we guess this means the door’s still open for an Amma Asante or Kathryn Bigelow to take over.

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