Comedy Central to air 8 days of South Park 

Three years ago this month, FXX pulled in its highest ratings ever with the multi-day “Every Simpsons Ever” marathon, and now Comedy Central is going to do the same thing with South Park. As announced in a press release, the network will be celebrating the premiere of the show’s 21st season with an eight-day marathon featuring every episode back-to-back (sort of). That’ll make it 250 episodes, and while that’s significantly smaller than the total that The Simpsons had when it ran its marathon for the first time, it’ll still come out to 127 hours—plenty of time to either watch cartoons or get your arm stuck under a rock.

The marathon will kick off on September 6, leading up to the season premiere on September 13. Comedy Central has more fixed things on its regular schedule than FXX did in 2014, though, so the South Park marathon will take a break to make room for episodes of The Daily Show, which will air at its regularly scheduled time.

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