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David Cross says he stands behind Jeffrey Tambor

(Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

In the wake of Jeffrey Tambor’s firing from Transparent over sexual harassment allegations, his once-and-possibly-future Arrested Development co-star David Cross has spoken up in support of the actor. amNew York reports that Cross, who’s gearing up for a fifth season of Arrested Development, says that while he “can’t speak for everybody” in the cast, he knows “there are a number of us who stand behind him—from the limited amount we know, we stand behind Jeffrey—and I am one of them.”

Tambor’s exit from the Emmy-winning dramedy was finalized just last week after an internal investigation by Amazon. In November, the actor was accused by trans actresses Van Barnes and Trace Lysette of harassment and sexual misconduct on set. The streaming platform immediately began looking into the claims, and Tambor’s future on the show began to look uncertain. Tambor’s rep dismissed reports that he was voluntarily walking away from the show in December, telling journalist that his client “had no plans to quit.” Now he’s out, but a fifth season of Transparent is still very much in the works.


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