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DC FanDome expands to 2 days, bumps lower-tier announcements to September

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This Saturday, what remains of DC Comics will be holding its big DC FanDome event, which is essentially a virtual replacement for its usual San Diego Comic-Con panels (but aimed at the general public rather than just the people able to spend money on SDCC tickets and excited enough to wait in lines all day). The initial idea was stuff Saturday with DC stuff, including panels and announcements and hopefully trailers, condensing the whole Con experience into 24 hours of sitting in front of your computer and watching Zack Snyder try to convince everyone that his Justice League movie was silenced by a secret cabal of world leaders who refused to let DC fans see Superman in a black suit.


Apparently, though, DC FanDome was actually too stuffed full of Con-like content, so Warner Bros. has decided to expand the event into two days instead of cramming everything into one. Don’t worry, all of the most exciting stuff is happening on the first day, but now you won’t need to worry about making time for everything. The catch is that now the second day is full of stuff that is… less exciting (save for one very notable exception), which means DC FanDome is really one day of big announcements and then a second day of retrospectives and insights into the creative process for stuff that has already come out. That stuff’s not bad or uninteresting, but it won’t have the thrill of The Batman or Justice League’s upcoming “Snyder Cut.” Also, there’s a second catch: Day two of the FanDome isn’t happening until September 12, which is three weeks after everything else.

DC has been weirdly hesitant to share schedule specifics since splitting the event into two days, but you can see everything at the DC FanDome website and plan out your own calendar of events. As for the highlights: Saturday’s panels will include Wonder Woman 1984, whatever WB Games Montreal has been making (smart money’s on a Batman game about The Court Of Owls), James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, the Snyder Cut, the Flash TV show, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, the Titans show, things about Aquaman and Shazam!, the new Suicide Squad game from the Arkham Asylum people, The Batman, and then repeats of all the big stuff going into the night.

If you’re looking for DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, the best thing Warner Bros. does and maybe has ever done ever, it’s the big notable exception to the September date’s otherwise subdued programming. It’ll be joined by panels from some other DC shows, including Stargirl, Batwoman, Doom Patrol, and Black Lightning.

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