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Death Waltz announces deluxe vinyl release of the Twin Peaks soundtrack

(Photo: Death Waltz Recording Company)
(Photo: Death Waltz Recording Company)

It’s difficult to accurately express the momentous quality that the Twin Peaks soundtrack possessed upon its initial release. It wasn’t just a small piece of an obsession-inducing television show. It wasn’t just helping to introduce a generation of young music fans to the dreamy ambient and cool jazz sounds that would inform their music tastes for years to come. It wasn’t just that Brooklyn-born composer Angelo Badalamenti had managed to capture a foggy chunk of metaphysical atmosphere and present it to the world in the form of eleven familiar, yet singular, songs. It was all of that. And it was also that at least three of your friends had it, so you felt like you probably should have it, too.


So, it stands to reason that many of people with threes and fours at the beginnings of their ages will be thrilled to learn that the soundtrack will be once again manifesting itself in our world, this time as a deluxe edition pressed onto “damn fine coffee”-colored 180g vinyl by Death Waltz records. It features David Lynch-approved artwork and liner notes from the 79-year-old composer himself. “I’m glad that after 25 years, Death Waltz Recording Company has re-released the original soundtrack for Twin Peaks for a new audience to enjoy. This is my defining work as a composer, and I’m happy it will get a fresh listen,” Badalamenti said in a statement.

(Photo: Death Waltz Recording Company)
(Photo: Death Waltz Recording Company)

The album will be available for $23 through Mondotees starting tomorrow, and will be available in record stores on September 9. Stores in several cities—all listed below—will even be participating in a “Coffee & Pie” pre-release party earlier that week, on September 6.

Here’s a little slice of what can be expected, evocatively titled “Audrey’s Dance”:

“Coffee & Pie” Twin Peaks soundtrack pre-release parties

Music Millennium – Portland, OR

Seasick Records – Birmingham, AL

Amoeba Hollywood – LA, CA

Burger Records – Fullerton, CA

Dark Delicacies – Burbank, CA

Redscroll – Wallingford, CT

Park Ave CDs – Orlando, FL

Criminal Records – Atlanta, GA

Reckless Records – Broadway – Chicago, IL

Reckless Records – Wicker Park – Chicago, IL

Luna Music – Indianapolis, IN

Down In The Valley – Golden Valley, MN

Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY

Mississippi Records – Portland, OR

Grimey’s – Nashville, TN

End Of An Ear – Austin, TX

Waterloo – Austin, TX

Easy Street – Seattle, WA

Scarecrow Video – Seattle, WA

Stoup Brewery – Seattle, WA