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Disney Channel is making a live-action Kim Possible movie

(Screenshot: DisneyChannel/YouTube)

Disney Channel mainstay Kim Possible is coming back to TV, now in human form. Variety reports that the kid-spy adventure series—which went off the air back in 2007—is being revived at its old home as a live-action TV film, once again taking up the adventures of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable as they attempt to manage the old Buffy Summers juggle between saving the world and high school success.

One of the network’s first original animated series, the show was a surprise hit for the Disney Channel, to the point that fans successfully demanded a fourth season of it after it went off the air in its third year. Disney is presumably hoping to tap into that same latent devotion with this revival project, which will attempt to translate the show’s high-flying action into real-time. (Meanwhile, we have no idea what in god’s name they’re going to do with animal sidekick Rufus, because naked mole rats are a lot less cute and cuddly in person than they are in a cartoon.)

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