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The first trailer for Summit’s adaptation of Veronica Roth’s young-adult series Divergent debuted in August, giving brief outlines of the basic setting—a society divided into five rigid factions, one of which kids must choose when they turn 16—and the character of Shailene Woodley’s rebellious Tris Prior. (“Don’t try to define me.”) The new, full-length trailer provides a better overview of the plot and glimpses of other characters, including Tris’ parents (Ashley Judd and Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn), and brief scenes of the faction aptitude test and Tris’ progression through the Dauntless training process in physical combat and weapons. Of course, nobody should be asked to deliver the kind of lines Maggie Q gets here, which convey the generic, “don’t let them find out about you” hushed secrecy that will eventually bring this society to its knees. But hey, there’s also zip-lining from the top of Chicago's Hancock Tower, climbing the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier, and Woodley making out with Theo James—because no self-respecting dystopian thriller looking to put butts in seats can remain entirely dour. Divergent claims The Hunger Games' early spring blockbuster launching pad on March 21.


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