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Doctor Who

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After months of secrecy, the BBC has opened the Doctor Who floodgates by releasing not just one but three new trailers for the 50th Anniversary special. The above extended trailer, along with the original trailer and a teaser scene, provide the first substantial glimpses at “The Day Of The Doctor,” which seems to be set during the Time War, where the Doctor must face the Daleks once again. The first clips of David Tennant’s much-anticipated return as the 10th Doctor are sure to warm many a Whovian heart, while fans will also enjoy seeing the 11th Doctor’s infamous fez, a superpowered Rose Tyler, a rather racy sonic screwdriver joke, and Clara rocking a vortex manipulator. The plot of the episode is still being kept under wraps, but it will definitely involve John Hurt as a previously unknown regeneration of the Doctor, as well as a big red button. (Whovians will recall what happened last time the Doctor came near a “great, big threatening button.”) The special will be simulcast November 23 on television screens and movie theaters around the world. American viewers can watch the special at 2:50 p.m. EST on BBC America.

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