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Donald Trump has apparently plunged us into the world of an old Call Of Duty

(Photo: Getty Images, Alex Wong)

Today, Donald Trump announced that the United States has successfully delivered a number of F-52 fighter jets to Norway, a triumphant claim that’s only undercut by the fact that the F-52 isn’t real. As The Washington Post notes, the F-52 is actually a fictional jet from the 2014 video game Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, a first-person shooter set in the near future about kids on the internet screaming racial slurs at you. Apparently, Trump was supposed to say that the United States had delivered 52 F-35 jets, and he simply misread the statement.

Here’s the thing, though: Donald Trump is a stable genius. He doesn’t make mistakes. So what if these F-52s are real? Does that mean we’re actually living in the world of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare? In addition to the F-52s, that game had soldier dudes wearing strength-enhancing armor rigs that helped them jump higher and fight robots better, which is all pretty cool, but it also did have Kevin Spacey as the leader of a private military company who—predictable spoiler alert—turned out to be evil. That’s a lot less cool, so maybe we should hope that Trump just made a rare mistake and not that we’re living in a Call Of Duty game.


That being said, Trump could’ve picked a worse Call Of Duty. Black Ops III, for example, had some pretty boring multiplayer levels. We’d hate to be stuck with those boring, three-lane maps forever.

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