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Donna ’fesses up in this Halt And Catch Fire exclusive

(Screenshot: Halt And Catch Fire)

Donna (Kerry Bishé) has sacrificed a lot to get where she is on Halt And Catch Fire, which is what makes her currently precarious position all the more disheartening for her. But as the series draws to its close, Donna’s slowly reassembling the pieces of her life, including her relationship with her daughter Haley (Big Little Lies’ Kathryn Newton). We’ve learned over the last few episodes that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree when it comes to ability and ambition (obviously, Gordon gets some of the credit, too). But in this exclusive clip, Donna wants to ensure her daughter’s inherited a different trait.

Donna clearly doesn’t want her daughter to make the same compromises she has; and to Haley’s credit, she doesn’t roll her eyes at this standard mom advice. The upcoming episode will see Donna make another big play, though, so maybe she’ll heed her own words. Halt And Catch Fire airs Saturday at 9 p.m. ET.


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