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Don't worry, that Dexter revival poster is fake

Illustration for article titled Dont worry, that iDexter /irevival poster is fakeem/em
Photo: Showtime

The Dexter revival is a rumor (or joke) that won’t die, instead slipping off to the Pacific Northwest with some silly facial hair. Two and a half years after Showtime inadvertently sparked hope among fans eager to see a murderous lumberjack—or perhaps a reversal of everything that happened in the last several seasons—the network has once again had to deny that there are any future adventures planned for the retired blood splatter analyst.


As ScreenCrush reports, a poster with images of Dexter stars Michael C. Hall and Yvonne Strahovski, complete with “09/2018" stamped on their foreheads, has been making the rounds. It was picked up by various outlets and social media pages, including Euforia Studios, which captioned it with “Looks like Dexter is back for Season 9. He’s gonna be one deadly lumberjack” when reposting the image 10 months after first sharing it.


You can see how impressionable fans might have walked away from that thinking they might see justice for Deb, or Batista turning his restaurant into a franchise. But Showtime tells IGN that the poster is just a fan-made one, and is in no way part of a marketing campaign for a new season of the show.

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