It turns out the magazine had been in contact with the two rappers leading up to the release of Her Loss, but it appears they opted for falsified coverage. It not only caused mass confusion but expressed a “flippant disregard for Condé Nast’s rights,” in the words of the media company.


A Vogue cover shoot was not the only fake press the two drummed up ahead of Her Loss. Fake appearances on The Howard Stern Show and NPR’s “Tiny Desk” were also created to promote the album, with neither of the media sources apparently minding too much (at least, not yet). Drake and 21 Savage even got help from Michael B. Jordan to put together a falsified SNL performance of “On BS.” The most recent press dupe is a fake COLORS Studio set.

All of this comes in lieu of actual promotion from these sources, as apparently it just seemed easier to create good press for yourself instead of crafting an album worthy of it.