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Drew Goddard to write and direct Deadpool spin-off X-Force

(Photo: Getty Images, Alberto E. Rodriguez)

X-Force, the team-based spin-off of the Deadpool movies, is starting to take shape. We previously learned that it would feature Josh Brolin’s Cable and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, and that it would be a separate thing from the many other Deadpool and X-Men sequels that are in the works. Now, Deadline is reporting that Drew Goddard (the writer behind The Martian and the director of Cabin In The Woods) will be both writing and directing X-Force. The movie, like the comic book team it’s based on, will be about a Black-Ops team of deadly mutant soldiers who do cooler stuff than those lame X-Men, as indicated by the fact that the team included Deadpool and Cable.

As Deadline notes, this is Goddard’s big chance to get back on a major franchise movie; he was previously attached to direct the Spider-Man spin-off Sinister Six before Sony rebooted that series.


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