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DVD/BD Release List – 07/20/10

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Heaps of worthy items in this week’s list, top-lined by The Bong Joon-Ho Collection, which includes three excellent films from one of world cinema’s best directors: the black comedy Barking Dogs Never Bite (which will be reviewed here next week), the offbeat monster movie The Host, and the heartbreaking murder mystery Mother. Also well-worth your time: the first season of the BBC horror-drama Being Human (reviewed here tomorrow), the Criterion Blu-ray editions of the Powell/Pressburger masterpieces Black Narcissus and The Red Shoes, and two well-crafted documentaries: The Most Dangerous Man In America (about the complicated case of Daniel Ellsberg and The Pentagon Papers), and Prodigal Sons (about the fiery relationship between a transsexual filmmaker and her adopted brother, who’s the illegimate son of Orson Welles). Finally, if you haven’t seen the wacky Belgian cartoon A Town Called Panic, man, hop to it! Where else are you going to see a horse in a Santa Claus suit, riding on a manta ray in order to dupe a race of wall-stealing fish people?


Barking Dogs Never Bite
Magnolia, $26.98

Being Human: Season One
BBC Warner, $34.98

Black Narcissus
Criterion Blu-ray, $39.95

The Bong Joon-Ho Collection
Magnolia, $49.98

Cop Out
Warner, $28.98; Blu-ray, $35.99

Courage The Cowardly Dog: Season One
Cartoon Network, $24.98

Entre Nos
IndiePix, $24.95

Forbidden World
Shout! Factory, $19.93; Blu-ray, $26.97

Galaxy Of Terror
Shout! Factory, $19.93; Blu-ray, $26.97

Jersey Shore Uncensored: Season One
MTV, $19.99

Look Around You: Season One
BBC Warner, $24.98

The Losers
Warner, $28.98; Blu-ray, $35.99

Matlock: The Fifth Season
Paramount, $49.99

The Most Dangerous Man In America: Daniel Ellsberg And The Pentagon Papers
First Run, $27.95; Blu-ray, $34.95

Magnolia, $26.98; Blu-ray, $29.98

My Boys: The Complete Second And Third Seasons
Sony, $39.95

Lionsgate, $26.98

Nollywood Babylon
Kino, $29.95

Prodigal Sons
First Run, $24.95

The Red Shoes
Criterion Blu-ray, $39.95

The Runaways
Sony, $27.96; Blu-ray, $34.95

Super Friends!: Season One, Vol. 2
Warner, $26.98

MTI, $24.98

Tin Men
Rhi, $12.95; Blu-ray, $19.97

A Town Called Panic
Zeitgeist, $29.99

2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams
First Look, $24.98

The Wronged Man
Sony, $24.96