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DVDs In Brief

The problem with releasing The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on DVD is that much of the show's appeal lies in its timeliness. Even the title of the Peabody Award-winning pop-culture phenomenon suggests an exceedingly short shelf life. But Comedy Central is taking a smart gamble by releasing The Daily Show With Jon Stewart: Indecision 2004 (Paramount), a three-disc collection of the program's 2004 election coverage. The politically charged antics of Jon Stewart and his menagerie of loopy correspondents are still hysterically funny on repeat viewing, even if Democrats can only view the Indecision DVDs bitterly… A film about an estranged father bonding with his handicapped son during a road trip might sound thoroughly avoid-worthy, but Gianni Amelio's trademark latter-day neo-realism makes The Keys To The House (Lions Gate) a tough, touching look at the difficulties of parenthood. It's a story of how love develops, and the heartbreaks it brings along with its joys… For some reason, America just couldn't resist the siren song of a babysitting, self-parodying Vin Diesel hamming it up with a zany duck and some back-sassing young'ns in The Pacifier (Disney). Director Adam Shankman choreographs the inane but harmless shenanigans with all the subtlety and sophistication he brought to Bringing Down The House, and while it would be nice to suggest he has nowhere to go but up, his next project is apparently Cheaper By The Dozen 2. Yikes!


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