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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Engaged? On meth? Willing to stand near Wilmer Valderrama? MTV Wants You!

As part of my ongoing effort to keep a baseline level of anger in my system at all times, I watch a lot of MTV. From the humiliating dating shows like Parental Control and Next, to the alternately hilarous and depressing documentary series True Life, to the rich-kids-on-the-prowl programming trifecta of My Super Sweet 16, Laguna Beach and 8th & Ocean––if it's on MTV, I probably watch it. (I don't watch Wild 'N Out, though, mainly because I'm not Nick Cannon's mom––which is the only valid reason for enduring that show). Anyway, since I waste so much time watching MTV, that means that I also waste a lot of time wondering, "How do they find the kids to be on these crappy shows?" and "What other crappy shows is MTV working on?" Well, today I found my answer here: The MTV OnAir Casting Call Site It's like stumbling upon a particularly exploitative Classifieds section. Highlights include: —"True Life is looking for geeks, meth addicts, Semester at Sea participants, Las Vegas residents and more…" —"Want to get married on MTV? Write us today!" —"MTV World needs your Asian Flava! Do you have the Chi Stuff?" —"Can you throw the most smack in your crew? Than [sic] check this out now!" (This one is for a new show hosted by Wilmer "I nailed her, too" Valderrama). —"Do you love Monsters? We're looking for two fanatics to hunt them down!" and of course —"Are you the next Neil Diamond? mtvU wants you!" Please go check it out. The ads go on for pages. I personally cannot wait for True Life: I Hunt Monsters. What's everyone else anticipating/dreading?


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