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Enjoy a brief history of James O’Keefe’s best self-owns

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James O’Keefe, this week’s canker sore on the roof of America’s mouth, has been in hot water since the latest blunder in ongoing series of blunders, Project Veritas. Through a process probably best described as “espionage for dipshits,” O’Keefe’s Veritas work seeks to uncover the deep, dark political secrets the American left doesn’t want you to know by covertly recording compromising audio and video.

Rallying to the noble cause of Bigot Of The Month and alleged pedophile Roy Moore, O’Keefe continued his life’s work by attempting to frame The Washington Post and call into question its legitimacy. The resulting exposé has ended with the “political activist” deservedly shamed.


The Hill’s Will Sommer used this opportune moment to collect the long history of O’Keefe making a complete jerk of himself in public, documenting a beautifully extensive list of “self-owns” through an unsurprisingly lengthy Twitter thread.

This dark history begins back in 2010, Sommer describing a plot so sophisticated it makes the machinations of ’80s frat comedy stars look like MI6 operations.

In later years, O’Keefe embarrasses himself at a press conference and blows his cover by forgetting to properly end a voicemail recording.


There are many, many more stories to read in Sommer’s thread, but, following his lead, it may be best to highlight a self-publicizing photo that adds extra spice to any further reading you choose to undertake.


“The next great intelligence agency,” indeed.


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