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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Enjoy this SOPA-infringing viral video roundup while you still can!

You may have noticed the Internet is a little worked up about this whole SOPA/PIPA thing today. Sean O’Neal already wrote a nice post about what it all means, which you should read if you haven’t, but we here at Great Job Internet would like to SHOW you what’s at stake should SOPA go through in its current form (which it won't)—namely the copyrighted-ish material found in the mash-ups and supercuts that comprise roughly 80 percent of what gets posted here.

(Okay, there’s a lot more at stake than just that, but this is as good a way as any to post a bunch of odds and ends that have been floating around the Internet the past couple of days that I’ve been too busy to post. Sorry!)


For example, would you want to live in an online world where you couldn’t watch Brad Pitt do a bunch of stuff, like eat a lot of things…

… or laugh for three minutes straight?

… or get hit by a car over and over again? (This is old, but good things come in threes, and why WOULDN’T you want to revisit this?)

And what about a world where you couldn’t watch clips of Michael Jackson dancing on YouTube? Or, even worse, a world where you couldn’t watch clips of squirrels dancing to Michael Jackson?

How about the sad existence of Charlie Brown set to the melancholy strains of “Creep”? Gone! Adios, Chuck, you SOPA-infringing creep!

And sure, under SOPA/PIPA there would still be plenty of perfectly legal venues for you to listen to Lionel Richie’s “Hello, Is It Me You’re Looking For”; but what if you want to hear it tunelessly intonated in a bunch of strung-together clips from movies? Well, you’re shit outta luck, pal!

Hello from ant1mat3rie on Vimeo.

Have you ever wondered what Saved By The Bell would be like if someone set the show’s infamous canned “WHOOOOOOS” to decidedly non-whoo-worthy moments? Well luckily, you can find out… for now!

Yes, it would be a sad, decidedly less weird online existence indeed. True, we’d still have original, user-created videos of cats doing stuff, as seen below, to ease our pain, but cute kitty videos only account for a measly three-quarters of the Internet’s content! To help preserve the other 25 percent, kitty-waltz on over to this Google petition  urging Congress to vote against SOPA and PIPA later this month.