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Fox News’ sexual harassment epidemic has claimed another male TV personality today, as The Huffington Post reports that Eric Bolling is out at the cable news network. Bolling—who hosted the channel’s soon-to-be-canceled Fox News Specialists—was accused of sexual harassment in a HuffPo article posted last month, which cited several anonymous employees at the company who said Bolling sent them unsolicited sexual pictures.


Fox suspended Bolling shortly after the accusations came to light, saying it would investigate the claims. Presumably, that investigation led to Bolling and the network mutually parting ways today. In the meantime, it’s not clear if the TV host’s $50 million lawsuit against writer Yashar Ali, who brought the allegations to light (and who also wrote the article announcing Bolling’s ouster today, which we have to imagine felt fairly satisfying) will continue in the wake of the former TV host suddenly finding himself out of a job.

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