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Eugene Levy will jet set around the world in Apple TV Plus' travel series The Reluctant Traveler

The Reluctant Traveler is just one of two series announced from the Levy family today

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Eugene and Dan Levy
Eugene and Dan Levy
Photo: Arturo Holmes (Getty Images)

Schitt’s Creek’s Eugene Levy has his bags packed and plane tickets booked, even if he’s not quite ready for it. The actor’s next big adventure will take him all around the world as the host of a new travel series from Apple TV+, The Reluctant Traveler.

In The Reluctant Traveler, Eugene Levy will visit some of the world’s most remarkable hotels, as well as explore the people, places, and cultures that surround them. Levy is not your average travel show host—he has confessed that he’s not usually adventurous or well-versed in globetrotting. But he’s agreed the time is right for him to broaden his horizons. What a sneaky way to get paid vacation, Eugene.


Levy will be packing his suitcase with some trepidation but is hoping his experiences might lead to a whole new chapter in his life—as long as he doesn’t have to battle his motion sickness, and still gets dinner at 7 (same Eugene, same).

Eugene is not the only Levy with big news. Also announced today is Schitt’s Creek co-creator Dan Levy’s newest television venture: The Big Brunch over at HBO. Created and hosted by Levy, The Big Brunch is an unscripted cooking competition series that celebrates the undiscovered culinary voices from every corner of the country.


Chefs will be offered the opportunity share their stories and their business dreams over a stack of pancakes, all while “finding innovative and personal ways to redefine what it means to dine between 11am and 3pm.” The only way to make the competition true to the brunch experience is to have everyone aggressively hungover from the previous night’s outings.

There may even be room for another father/son collaboration here, with Dan taking one of the trips with Eugene, or Eugene serving as a guest host on The Big Brunch. Either way, we just need more Levy camaraderie stat.