Evil Dead Rise – Final Review Trailer

In short order, loving mother Ellie is possessed by a demon and starts attacking her own family. “I’m free from all you titty-sucking parasites,” she screeches. Then, in the tradition of evil high-rise movies (Poltergeist 3, for example), this not-tree demon has taken control of the building. As the woods conspired to trap the protagonists in a cabin in the earlier films, the hallways and elevators trap them even more effectively in their apartment. You can feel a reference to The Shining being set up with the elevator, and Cronin does not disappoint.


It’s hard to quantify, but the amount of fake blood spilled this time around certainly feels like a record for the franchise, which is quite an accomplishment. If you have even the slightest queasiness at the sight of gallons of spurting blood or outlandish mutilations or, toward the end, a grotesque multi-limbed, demonic hybrid of what were once characters we cared about ... you should definitely give this a pass. But for fans of the franchise, Evil Dead Rises marks a welcome return to the seamless blend of humor and genuine scares and creepiness that Raimi created 42 years ago.

Evil Dead Rises opens in theaters nationwide on April 21