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Ex Machina director Alex Garland has a busy schedule ahead of him at the moment; he has a new film, Annihilation, out in theaters later this month, and he announced late last year that he’s getting into the TV production game over at FX, signing a deal to develop projects for the network. Now, Garland has let slip a few details about his first proposed show, revealing that, rather than the hallucinogenic monster movie action of his latest, Natalie Portman-starring feature, the new series will take him a little further back to his technology-focused roots.

Garland—whose screenwriting credits include Dredd, 28 Days Later, and the dystopian romance Never Let Me Go—says that, if it goes forward, the eight-part series would be “a sort of science fiction, but it’s a much more technology-based sci fi. Whereas Annihilation is a more hallucinogenic form of sci fi, and more fantastical form of sci fi.” Garland also noted that the scripts for the show are already written, and that they’ll follow what he sees as an Ex Machina model of sci-fi extrapolation: “Taking something about our world now—not our world in the future, but our world as it is right now—and then drawing sort of inferences and conclusions from it.” 


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