Though he’s perhaps best known as the frontman for “Closing Time” group Semisonic, Dan Wilson is, indeed, a jack of many other musical trades. The Minnesota-born artist has written songs like “Someone Like You” with Adele, produced tracks for Pink and Phantogram, and even produced visual representations of his songs for a tour entitled “Words And Music By Dan Wilson.”

Wilson’s latest project—beyond an upcoming 20th anniversary re-issue of Semisonic’s excellent LP Feeling Strangely Fine—is “We Ain’t Telling,” a new single The A.V. Club is premiering exclusively below. Described by Wilson as set firmly in his “musical home base,” the track is, as Wilson puts it, “acoustic guitar, a little twangy, a little Americana (whatever that means), telling a simple story with some complex emotions bubbling under the surface.”

Those looking for even more Wilson material might not have to wait long. Though “We Ain’t Telling” isn’t part of a larger album, Wilson says he’s decided he should just “put things out as they happen,” saying “My life is no longer separated into album cycles.”