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Exclusive: Here's the release date and track list for the Steven Universe: The Movie soundtrack

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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With the arrival of the highly anticipated Steven Universe: The Movie just around the corner, fans will soon have the answers to some of their burning questions—mainly, “Who is this new gem messing up Steven’s whole retirement plan?” The trailer doesn’t reveal many clues as to their identity, but it does promise that the mystery character is upset with Steven (you know, the usual Homeworld brand of leftover animosity) and equipped to cause havoc. The musical also touts collaborations from a roster of high-end industry staples, such as Chance The Rapper and Aimee Mann. So the next natural question is, “When will the soundtrack be available so that we may sob-sing and reflect on the powers of friendship and Garnet’s ability to spit bars during times of duress?”

Thankfully, fans will get to immediately relive the dulcet notes of resistance once the movie fades to black: A representative from Cartoon Network has confirmed to The A.V. Club that the digital soundtrack will drop Monday, September 2 at 7:30 PM EST, immediately following the airing of the film. Featuring 38 tracks (17 vocal and 21 instrumental) the star-studded soundtrack will be available to stream and download on all major music platforms.


For the vinyl enthusiasts, both regular and deluxe versions will be available on wax November 15. While the regular vinyl edition will only feature the vocal tracks, the deluxe will include all the music from the digital release along with eight exclusive demo recordings. Variant covers will be available exclusively at FYE and Barnes & Noble.

Fans can soon pre-order and pre-save the soundtrack here. For now, enjoy the first available song, “True Kinda Love,” and check out the full track and collaboration lists below.


Steven Universe: The Movie digital soundtrack

1. The Tale of Steven (vocal)
2. Once Upon a Time
3. Message to the Universe
4. Let Us Adore You (vocal)
5. Home Sweet Home
6. Happily Ever After (vocal)
7. The Arrival
8. Other Friends (vocal)
9. One on One
10. system/BOOT.pearl_final(3).Info (vocal)
11. With Friends Like These
12. Crystal Gem Huddle
13. Who We Are (vocal)
14. Hijinks Will Ensue
15. Isn’t It Love? (vocal)
16. Search Party
17. Echoes of Friendship
18. No Matter What (vocal)
19. Our Handshake
20. No Ordinary Injector
21. Disobedient (vocal)
22. Let’s Duet
23. Independent Together (vocal)
24. Running Out of Time
25. Feelings Flooding Back
26. A Special World
27. Drift Away (vocal)
28. Found (vocal)
29. Downward Spiral
30. True Kinda Love (vocal)
31. The Missing Piece
32. Change (vocal)
33. Not Good at All
34. There’s No Such Thing as Happily Ever After
35. Are We Interrupting Something?
36. Let Us Adore You Reprise (vocal)
37. Finale (vocal)
38. True Kinda Love (Music Video Version) [Digital Bonus Track]

Collaborations include:
Chance The Rapper
Aimee Mann
aivi & surasshu
Jeff Liu
James Fauntleroy
Macie Stewart
Mike Krol
Jeff Ball
Grant Henry
Julian “Zorsy” Sanchez