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Steven is ready to retire in the first trailer for Steven Universe: The Movie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The last time we saw Steven Universe, Connie, and the Crystal Gems, they were saddled with the breezy task of changing the hearts of the Homeworld Diamonds and, consequently, convincing them to reconsider their super inconvenient plans to destroy the earth. Easy enough, right? While it might have been a tall, very unsavory order for anyone else, the Beach City gang managed to properly shame White Diamond, save their planet, and forgive the Diamonds for their past bigoted transgressions. The final scenes of season five echo a kind of harmony that fans have only imagined for six years, leaving many to ask, “Well, what happens now?”

The answer lies in the next, long-awaited installment of the story, a film that has been teased since this time last year. Creator Rebecca Sugar and the cast announced Steven Universe: The Movie during Comic-Con 2018 with very few hints as to what audiences could expect or when the film would be released. At today’s panel, some of our more pressing questions were answered with the very first trailer and a solid release date - September 2, 6 PM EST. In our first look we see an older, more settled Steven (per Pride, there’s a confirmed 2-year time jump between the most recent episode and the film, which is enough time to cycle through at least four Homeworld attacks in Beach City), who is just ready to relax and maybe not fight an intergalactic war for a while. Naturally, a rogue mystery gem figures that’s the perfect time to descend upon a peaceful planet and wreak havoc. We don’t know who the new villain is, but if the Gems can manage to turn just about every foe into a friend up to this point, we can only hope that this new pig-tailed menace will rethink their position and chill the hell out long enough for us to enjoy some new music and cry in relative peace.


Speaking of which, the trailer features a new song from Estelle and Sugar, which they performed at Comic-Con. “True Kinda Love” is already available for fans to memorize before the next major fan convention sing-along.