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Experience the plot of Mother! through the songs of David Byrne

Around this time of year, everyone always seems to be in a mad rush to see every important film that’s come out in the last twelve months. That can be a difficult feat these days, given how many buzz-worthy movies are produced and how much alternative entertainment is available to distract us. Luckily, if one of the films you missed this past season was Darren Aronofsky’s contentious thriller Mother!, you can now experience it the way it was undoubtedly meant to be experienced: As a playlist of David Byrne songs. You can listen below.

The playlist was composed by writer, comedian, and former Gilmore Guys co-host Demi Adejuyigbe after he realized this was not only something that could be done but something that should be done. The 40-song masterpiece primarily features David Byrne’s solo work, including his new single “Everybody’s Coming To My House,” but there are a few Talking Heads hits peppered in there as well. It’s hard to say whether the track names constitute spoilers, but, if you’ve seen the film, it’s easy to see where they line up with various story beats.


Some of the connections may seem like a bit of a stretch, but, once the playlist started making the rounds, Darren Aronofsky quickly came forward to acknowledge Byrne’s influence on his narrative.

Readers may also remember Adejuyigbe from his pitch-perfect Will Smith credits raps, which first solidified him as a guy willing to commit an inordinate amount of time to a very silly bit. But now that he’s given us yet another awards season gift, it’s our responsibility to go out there and find out which artist’s songs spell out the plot to Dunkirk, The Shape Of Water and The Post. Maybe it’s just David Byrne for all of them, actually.

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