(Photo: Getty Images for Coachella, Frazer Harrison)

According to a report from Viceā€™s Motherboard, rapper Lil Bā€”a.k.a. TheBasedGodā€”has been temporarily banned from Facebook for violating the siteā€™s policies on hate speech, with the offending posts quickly being removed by Facebook. On Twitter, Lil B explained that he was for ā€œtalking about white people,ā€ and the Motherboard post notes that a number of black activists have also recently been banned for making statements about white people on Facebook. Now, after some predictable backlash to the ban, Lil B has shared the posts in question:

Facebook is also commenting on the ban now, explaining that it will last for 30 days and that it comes from ā€œat least five violationsā€ of the siteā€™s policies (though Lil B says he was only notified of two). As for why this violated the policies in the first place, a Facebook spokesperson defends the decision by suggesting it would be clearer ā€œif you were to change ā€˜whiteā€™ to something else, like ā€˜black people are the problem, theyā€™re so violent.ā€™ā€ The spokesperson also adds that the siteā€™s hate speech policies ā€œapply equally to all racesā€ and are ā€œrace-neutral.ā€

Of course, anyone who has ever been on Facebook can tell you that it doesnā€™t really work like that, and Motherboard presented Facebook with a number of posts that would seem to violate the policy but somehow donā€™t. The spokesperson said that she would have to run specific posts by the community operations team, but she guessed that a lot of seemingly racist content on Facebook isnā€™t obvious enough to be flagged.