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First trailer for Netflix's Altered Carbon is a stylish collection of recent sci-fi tropes

Do you remember the mediocre sci-fi movies Self/less and In Time? Hopefully not, because this trailer for Netflix’s Altered Carbon might be a little less exciting if you do. Self/less was about Ben Kingsley putting his brain in Ryan Reynolds’ body (or something like that) and In Time was about Justin Timberlake in a world where people can live longer by literally getting extra time, while Altered Carbon seems to take place in a future world where people can live forever by downloading their brains into new bodies. It’s certainly similar, but Altered Carbon puts a twist on it by making the story a murder mystery where the victim is a guy who can live forever, so that’s pretty fun. Also, it’s a TV show, not a movie like Self/less and In Time.

Altered Carbon stars James Purefoy and Joel Kinnaman, and it will premiere on February 2, 2018.


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