The Opposition With Jordan Klepper (Screenshot: Comedy Central)

On Tuesday’s The Opposition, Jordan Klepper’s Colbert Report-redux ironic Trump booster asshole shtick ran up against someone with a, let’s call it, more straightforward style of Donald Trump-bashing. Introducing a desk piece about Donald Trump’s farcical “keep me safe from the brown people, daddy” wall, Klepper explained that—despite all the backtracking, waffling, and inescapable reality standing between Trump’s dream of a big, white supremacist fort and actually paying for such a thing—Mexico was definitely going to foot the ludicrously expensive bill. Mockingly playing a clip of former Mexican President and current expert Trump troll Vicente Fox telling Trump Mexico will “never pay for that fucking wall,” Klepper was shocked (or, you know, “shocked”) at the sudden, in-studio appearance of the actual Fox, who repeated what’s become his signature catchphrase before the two sat down for an interview.

There to plug his new book, Let’s Move On: Beyond Fear & False Prophets, Fox weathered Klepper’s nimbly offensive restating of Trump’s infamous “rapists, drug dealers, and some, I assume, are good people” Mexican slur by asserting that Trump’s barstool bigotry is part of what inspired him to not only vocally defend the honor of the people he once led, but also to become one of Trump’s most vocal online critics. Asked by Klepper if a president should be such a potty mouth as Fox is wont to be about Trump, the former world leader joked, that a president shouldn’t, but, for an ex-president, it’s just fine. The profanely dapper Fox, who led Mexico from 2000-2006, played along with Klepper’s needling as ably as one might expect, including at one point, holding Klepper’s “authentic” gift of a supposed Trump tower taco bowl in the air—before pronouncing it “fake” and dashing it to Klepper’s shiny studio floor.


Fox, whose grandfather was from Cincinnati, spoke eloquently about how much Mexican immigrants (including the million or so DREAMERS whose fate remains held hostage by Trump and his Republican enablers) who’ve made America their home contribute, and how Mexico’s NAFTA partnership with America has benefitted both countries. And, after calling Trump, among other things, “a mediocre businessman,” Fox restated his admiration for America and its ideals, asserting, “I love this nation. America’s great. And it will continue being great as soon as you get rid of this guy.” Sounds pretty fuckin’ presidential.