(Photo: Getty Images, Chris Kleponis-Pool)

Fox News is a safe and secure bubble for its legions of brainwashed fans, all of whom prefer to live in a nonsensical dreamworld where Donald Trump is a wildly popular president, it’s totally fine to be overtly racist, and the greatest threat facing Americans today is suggestive lyrics in rap music. Unfortunately, that security begin to fall apart when the real world threatens to force its way into the Fox News bubble, like it did recently when billionaire Tom Steyer bought an ad on the network calling for Donald Trump to be impeached. The piece, which is surprisingly even-tempered and low-key given its subject matter, supposedly freaked out Fox News viewers so much that loads of them complained, and the network has announced that it’s pulling the ad.

This comes from The Wrap, which explains that Steyer specifically bought ad time on Fox And Friends—Trump’s most trusted adviser—in hopes that our doofus-in-chief would see it. He did, of course, and he almost immediately tweeted about how Steyer is “wacky and totally unhinged.” Now, Steyer believes that Fox News pulled the ad because of Trump’s tweet, accusing the network of having “capitulated to political pressure.” Steyer’s lawyer has now sent a letter to Fox News, saying it wrongfully pulled the ad, and you can read the letter in full here.