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Freeform's Siren makes a splash in this exclusive trailer premiere

With its mysterious young woman and earnest man who share a connection to the sea and each other, Freeform’s Siren could be a Little Mermaid knockoff. Eline Powell stars as Ryn, the beautiful stranger who meets Ben (Alex Roe) on the side of the road one fateful night. He’s a marine biologist working out of Bristol Cove, which is the unofficial “mermaid capital of the world,” and he slowly starts to realize she could be one of those mythical creatures. But as you can see in this exclusive trailer premiere, there are no friendly flounders or dancing crustaceans, and the only song is a haunting Dusty Springfield track playing over scenes of townspeople arming themselves and Ryn making a bloody mess.

Finding Carters Emily Whitesell serves as showrunner on Siren, which is executive produced by Eric Wald and Dean White, who also wrote the story. The supernatural drama—which has shades of Buffy The Vampire Slayer in its cursed locale and touches of True Blood in its sexy interspecies relations—is bound to stand out among Freeform’s current lineup of coming-of-age stories, including Grown-ish and The Fosters. Plus, it could very well benefit from the furor around The Shape Of Water and its bubble-butt fishman.

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