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FX's 2018 sizzle reel has some Legion season 2 footage

Legion’s Dan Stevens (Photo: Getty Images, Kevin Winter)

The last time we saw anything from Noah Hawley’s X-Men-adjacent FX series Legion, Dan Stevens’ David Haller was getting sucked into some kind of flying ball while big villain the Shadow King—who had seemingly been defeated—was driving off with Jemaine Clement. With the show’s second season set to premiere at some point this year, FX has snuck some very brief teases for the future of Legion in a new sizzle reel of its upcoming 2018 shows, finally giving us our first glimpse of what’s going to happen next in its crazy, scary, and crazy scary world.

There’s not a ton of stuff here to work with, but we do get David pining for the “normal” life he wants to have, an indication that he’s not going to be trapped in that weird ball forever, and what appears to be Clement and the Shadow King (still in his Aubrey Plaza form) posing for what could be another one of the show’s ambitious musical numbers.

Other things coming to FX this year include the new season of Atlanta, Danny Boyle’s Trust, The Americans, and Mayans MC. None of their heroes were trapped in flying balls, though, so their appearances here aren’t as intriguing.


[via Entertainment Weekly]

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