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Game Of Thrones' Jack Gleeson played a pivotal role at an Irish wrestling show last weekend

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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It’s easy for a wrestler to be hated by an audience. You can trash the hometown sports team, call everybody ugly, or be forced into becoming the next John Cena by Vince McMahon (hi, Roman Reigns!). To be hated properly, however, is very, very difficult. For an audience to hate you as much as they love to watch you is a feat very few have accomplished—there’s a reason Ted DiBiase, Ric Flair, and The Rock remain legends to this day. Game Of Thrones’ Jack Gleeson, however, faced an entirely different kind of heat when he entered the squared circle last week, due in no small part to his role as the despicable King Joffrey.

No, Gleeson isn’t pulling a David Arquette. He does, however, seem to be a wrestling fan, as he played a pivotal role in the arc of wrestler J Money at Dublin’s Trinity Brawl 2 on Friday. We’re going to allow Pro Wrestling Sheet to explain the specifics, as this one’s a bit beyond us:

According to those in attendance … Gleeson appeared at the top of the show in a weird outfit and makeup as part of the storyline taking place in J Money’s head.

After a full card of matches, Jack re-appeared at the end of the show as his normal self to reveal J Money had been unconscious for five months and it was now Christmas Eve. Because of that, they had to send the fans home to be with their families, so “All I Want For Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey began to play and everyone in the ring danced as the show came to a close.


It doesn’t make much more sense on tape, either, though you can give it a watch below. And you should, because it’s a delight to watch “TV’s Jack Gleeson” banter with the audience, who boo him relentlessly and take jabs at the gruesome death of his onscreen character. He plays the face, nevertheless, serving as a kind of guardian angel to J Money and dancing along with the rabble during the event’s riotous finale.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen Gleeson onscreen as of late, it’s because he’s been pursuing humanitarian work since leaving the HBO series. All the charity in the world, however, won’t stop the masses from throwing tomatoes at him. As such, we’re really hoping we get to see the lad drop a few more Stunners in the future.