The April 1 premiere of Game Of Thrones’ second season draws ever closer, which means it’s time to check in on George R.R. Martin’s Strategically Getalong Gang to see what they’ve been up to since last year’s finale. Which is, according to this recently debuted trailer: having sword fights, carrying torches, sitting despondently in dungeons, staring pensively across desolate landscapes, engaging in profound, metaphor-laden dialogues about power—you know, the usual. Also, Peter Dinklage still has a killer smirk and that kid who plays King Joffrey still has an eminently punchable face. There are a few glimpses of new characters as well—and here we pause to ask, as always, that those who have read the books please not spoil things for those who haven’t—plus an ominous, Eyes Wide Shut-evoking piano score that, thankfully, doesn’t lead to a dwarf-and-eunuch orgy, at least as far as we know. Again, no spoilers please.