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When last we saw American patriot/Russian citizen Steven Seagal, he was decrying the NFL protests while doing his best Yakov Smirnoff impression. Boxing legend George Foreman, on the other hand, has been busy promoting a new crowdfunding platform for inventors and probably naming more things George. It was a bit confusing, then, when Foreman issued a challenge to the one-time action icon on Twitter, pairing his request for “10 rounds in Vegas” with a photo of Seagal looking as confused as we all are.


When fans asked why Foreman wanted to fight Seagal—who recently got his ass banned from the Ukraine for being “socially dangerous,” let’s not forget—the boxer replied that it wasn’t about anger, but rather that he’s “learning to block kicks.”

Foreman also clarified a few other things about both the fight and his intentions, including that weapons are a no-go, Seagal “really can fight,” and what he would do if Seagal kicked his head off and somebody in the crowd ran off with it.


Okay then.

Foreman just better hope Seagal doesn’t bring a TV with him. A few minutes of Contract To Kill would have anyone, sports legend or not, on their knees.


[via Uproxx]

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