Though it's never really exited the national conversation, HBO's Girls hasn't been seen since June, when viewers last left Lena Dunham behind on Coney Island, over-thinking all of her relationships while shoveling cake into her mouth. Since then, Coney Island may have been destroyed (unrelated, we think), but Dunham's Hannah and her solipsistic sisters are still standing and pretty much the same. This season two trailer finds Dunham and Co. still over-thinking their relationships, still considering their complete lack of career options, and yet still somehow trying to have a good time as a twentysomething in New York. There's even a shot of Dunham eating cake again, a scene that's beginning to border on leitmotif. (The flippant, "let them eat cake" attitude of the privileged? Discuss!) Anyway, don't blink or blog or whatever, or you'll miss Patrick Wilson and Donald Glover.