Unlike the first Green Lantern trailer—which spent a lot of time establishing Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan as a smooth-operating fighter pilot who doesn't play by the rules, and perhaps had a little too much Blake Lively—this second trailer provides a more potentially plot-spoiling picture of how the movie shapes up, and cuts Blake Lively's presence to a more manageable level. We get far more of Mark Strong’s Sinestro, plus Reynolds’ Green Lantern mentors—Michael Clarke Duncan’s Kilowog and the Geoffrey Rush-voiced Tomar-Re—and a better idea of just how silly and over the top Peter Sarsgaard will be as the villain Dr. Hector Hammond. All this, plus lots more CGI destruction and Reynolds’ doing the full Green Lantern oath. It still looks pretty entertaining, but for those who thought the first trailer was a bit too lighthearted, this second preview puts the whole world-threatening doom-and-gloom plot front and center—which probably won’t help differentiate it from all the other comic-book movies saturating the market, but should help ensure it makes boatloads of money.