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Gremlins is returning to theaters just in time for Christmas

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Gremlins is a Christmas movie much like how Die Hard is a Christmas movie, which is to say that it’s a movie that takes place during Christmas and has vague themes of gift-giving and family togetherness. People talk about Die Hard too much during the holidays as it is, though, so anyone looking for a seasonal film that is wild and scary but doesn’t feature John McClane is in luck, as select theaters across the country will be putting on special screenings of Gremlins throughout December.

Billed as Gremlins: Rule Breakers, the screenings will include a “special conversation” with director Joe Dante featuring behind-the-scenes info, and attendees will even be able to purchase an exclusive Gremlins shirt to showcase their fondness for creepy little monsters who are also kind of fun and silly. The first batch of screenings will happen in a bunch of theaters on December 8, with Gremlins moving to others later in the month. You can see the full list, get more info, and check out some hot Gremlins merch at this link.