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Harrison Ford also doesn’t give a fuck

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Imagine being Harrison Ford for a minute. One minute you’re picking up some acting gigs to supplement your carpentry income, and then the nerd who directed you in American Graffiti asks you to play a spaceman in his kiddie movie. Next thing you know, it’s 40 years later, you’ve got a wax figure in Madame Tussauds, and you can’t take your vintage biplane out for an afternoon jaunt without the kid at the airfield telling you he’s “got a bad feeling about this” and grinning at you like you’ve never heard that bullshit before. “Yes, I was in Star Wars,” you might think. “But I just don’t give a fuck any more.”


And then you’ve got to go and do a bunch of interviews about the new spaceman movie you made with some other nerd, and you do understand that there would be no vintage biplane collection without these dorks, so you play along the best you can. But, considering you stopped giving a fuck about the whole thing a long time ago, eventually this is going to happen:

Asked if he would provide any tips on how to be Han Solo in the spin-off, Ford, 73, said: “No, I’m not going to do that.”

That’s from a recent interview Ford gave to Reuters, where he also tells the interviewer he doesn’t give a shit who plays a young Han Solo in the upcoming spin-off movie, they should save any questions about Han Solo for whoever that person might be, and that he didn’t care about Star Wars hype then, and he really doesn’t care about it now.

But while Old Mother Harrison’s empty cupboard of fucks might have shattered Star Wars’ fans dreams of one day looking deeply into his eyes and hearing him whisper, “I know,” there is an upside to all this septuagenarian detachment, namely that as long as it’s not about Han Solo, Ford’s up for all kinds of silliness. He proved as much in another recent interview with the BBC, where he was asked about Donald Trump’s endorsement of him as a fictional president (Trump likes to re-enact scenes from Air Force One with his action figures at bath time, apparently) and real-life tenant (Ford rented an apartment in one of Trump’s buildings in New York more than 10 years ago, according to Fusion):

Ford adds that he “didn’t think [the Trump building] was such a good apartment,” probably because he couldn’t park any biplanes there. Anyway, the race between Ford and Daniel Craig for Least Fuck-Giving Actor In A Franchise Property is currently a tie. (Carrie Fisher’s got the women’s award all locked up.)