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Harrison Ford doesn't care whether Han shot first

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Over the weekend, Harrison Ford took part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything—a proposition that, given its subject, has never sounded more like a dare. Those who braved the forum anyway, secure in the knowledge that the Internet has not yet perfected remote throttling technology, found Ford in a relatively gracious mood on most topics related to films he got tired of talking about 30 years ago.


Still, while he played along with queries regarding whether he’s still “mad at Lando” (“Lando who?”), and who would win in a fight between himself and Mark Hamill (“Me, of course”), there was one Star Wars-related question he refused to entertain, (other than the one about whether he is, in fact, about to do more Star Wars). Asked to weigh in on who shot first, Han Solo or Greedo, Ford replied, “I don’t know and I don’t care.” It was an answer that was both elegant and roguish, and totally in keeping with character. Naturally, George Lucas has already changed it.

Moving on to discussion of sequels in which people are notably less invested, Ford admitted that he hadn’t—and still hasn’t—seen Anchorman or The Expendables, taking both jobs only because they looked like fun and/or required very little from him. And he was more forthcoming on the possibility of Blade Runner 2, saying, “I'm quite curious and excited about seeing a new script for Blade Runner if in fact the opportunity would exist to do another, if it's a good script I would be very anxious to work with Ridley Scott again, he's a very talented and passionate filmmaker. And I think it would be very interesting to revisit the character.”

But as to whether that character is a Replicant—something that would seemingly be crucial to any attempt to revisit him—Ford would say only, “I think that it's a wonderful storytelling mechanism for that question to be left unanswered.” Except, of course, that that question has long since been answered by Scott, who recently reiterated that he is while discussing the possibility of Ford appearing in a sequel. But obviously no one’s going to say that to Harrison Ford.

Elsewhere, Ford said that he doesn’t hold on to his movie props, that the line he gets asked to say the most is “Get off my plane,” and that he actually likes snakes. He also revealed that his favorite kind of cheese is “manchego,” thus settling someone’s fervent fan debate that was happening somewhere, probably.