(Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

The ever-industrious J.J. Abrams has successfully added a little more sci-fi-fantasy-drama to his plate today, with Variety reporting that the prolific writer and producer (and Star Wars: Episode IX director) has just sold a new series to HBO. Titled Demimondeā€”literally, ā€œhalf-world,ā€ although the word has usually been used to describe hedonistic, pleasure-seeking peopleā€”the series centers on a family transported to a distant world and forced to fight in some kind of alien war.

Abrams will write the series, an increasing rarity, given that he hasnā€™t penned a TV script since the second-season premiere of Fringe back in 2008. Demimonde is just one of numerous projects he currently has in the works at the moment; besides Star Wars, heā€™s also on the hook for a new Stephen King series at Hulu, as well as his regular production duties on any number of projects floating around the ever-nebulous Cloverfield franchise of films.