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Hell yeah, Shaq's getting his own EDM showcase

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The magic of Shaq is that he can do pretty much anything (except beat Aaron Carter in a game of basketball, of course). Rapping, video game kung-fu, genie-based acting, Lyft driving; it you need it done, Shaquille O’Neal is your (giant, smiling) man. Do you, say, need someone to spin some EDM tunes while you lose your mind on the dance floor? Then we’ve got good news, friend: It’s time to call our buddy Shaq.


Specifically, you’ll want to try to score some tickets to O’Neal’s new invitation-only EDM event, Shaq’s Fun House, which the former NBA champion is launching later this month. Piggybacking on the first night of Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, Shaq has promised that the one-night event will feature “flame throwers, people swinging from ceilings, a lot of costumes,” and more, in an effort to help it stand out from all those other EDM festivals hosted by the U.S.’s official basketball envoy to Cuba. The event will run from “2 a.m. to sunrise” on March 24, briefly creating our perfect version of heaven—i.e., a flame-thrower filled dance club where Shaquille O’Neal (a.k.a. DJ Diesel) lays down “that base, edgy trap” for his horde of merry Shaqolytes—on Earth. (Which may or may not be flat.)

[via Billboard]

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