Hello Tomorrow! — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

A gesture that proves too little, too late in this direction comes in the seventh episode, when Billings finds a very rich, very alluring investor (Dagmara Dominczyk) to bankroll the operation and maybe even turn it legitimate. “You’re not in to get ahead, you are in it to get away with something, which is why you would love the moon,” Jack muses, never breaking eye contact. In response to her question about how “empty” the lunar surface really is, he answers, “It’s like when the magician pulls the rabbit out of the hat, only there’s no hat … and there’s no rabbit.” Now imagine Billy Crudup purring those lines to a woman who can only whisper in return, “That’s quite a trick.” Good, right?


It’s unfortunate that a show that might have traveled the route of “sexy nihilism” went “glum Norman Rockwell” instead. Stories about seduction need to seduce the viewer, but Hello Tomorrow! evokes dread instead of danger, and, over the course of 10 episodes, the vibe wears thin. So, while the action picks up in the final episodes, it isn’t quite enough to redeem the entire enterprise. Not unlike the purchase of a timeshare, the world of Hello Tomorrow! isn’t a bad place to visit, but it might not be the best long-term investment.

Hello Tomorrow! premieres February 17 on Apple TV+.