Owen Wilson, probably saying or thinking, “Wow.”
Photo: Sean Gardner (Getty Images)

We’re a culture of anxiety. The myriad intricacies of every relationship, every interaction, and every “friend” on social media is enough to collapse even the most ironclad of constitutions. As such, it’s only natural for us, as modern, internet-dwelling humans, to crave simplicity. It’s why we latch onto fidget spinners, or coloring books, or the soft, bemused sound of Owen Wilson saying “wow.”

Last week, the storm clouds parted to reveal a Facebook event in which the masses would converge in one place to share one brief, unspoiled moment of community. More than 5,000 people would say “wow” like Owen Wilson in unity. There was no political agenda, no trolls, no underlying scam. For a few brief moments, there was only friendly strangers, open air, and the guy from Marley And Me.


It went down yesterday in Melbourne, Australia, and despite some accounts that the initial “wow” resounded a few minutes sooner than advertised, it was a beautiful thing. Organizer Nic Zoumboulis told ABC Radio it was all for “the positivity of a simple wow” that “maybe even Owen Wilson himself might be able to hear.” Watch it below.

One wonders: Did Owen Wilson look up from the couch in his pristine, sun-soaked home in the Hollywood Hills, his ears perking ever so slightly? Did a whispered “wow” escape his lips for reasons even he couldn’t fathom?


It’s nice to think so.