We’ve been waiting on footage from Bryan Fuller’s American Gods ever since the project was announced, shortly before Hannibal’s end. Now, courtesy of the show’s panel today at Comic-Con, we’ve got our first look at the series, in all its country-traipsing, gods-meeting glory.

Opening in the same spot as Neil Gaiman’s bestselling novel, Fuller’s show looks remarkably faithful—right down to Ian McShane’s lilting, charismatic take on the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, who recruits recent ex-con Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) after the death of Moon’s wife. (Emily Browning, whose character’s not as dead as initial reports might lead you to believe.) The rest of the trailer is all about isolated, fascinating images, showing off numerous participants in the show’s war between the gods of the old world and the new, and firing up even more anticipation for its 2017 release.