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Here's everything Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo are currently working on

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Joe and Anthony Russo are a couple of busy boys, which is the sort of good problem that you run into when you somehow transition from being reliable directors of cult comedy TV shows to being reliable directors of wildly expensive and ridiculously massive superhero movies. Here at The A.V. Club, it seems like we get a news story every few months about the two of them attaching their names to some new TV show or movie, and since the Russonaissance just started ramping up in the last few years, a lot of those things haven’t actually been made yet. So, to try and make sense of everything that the Russos have on their plate, let’s look at every project they have in development, most of which seem to have stalled.

  • First up as Quantum And Woody, a TV project based on the Valiant Comics superheroes of the same names. They’ve been attached to the adaptation since last year, and Deadline is now reporting that TBS is interested in developing a Quantum And Woody pilot. It’s all still very early, but at least we’re in no danger of running out of stories that involve the Russos.
  • The Russos have also been developing The Hero’s Awakening, a superhero movie exclusively targeted at the Chinese market. The last movement we heard from that came in 2016.
  • They also toked up for a show about pot dealers struggling with a new business model after weed gets legalized. That was in development for Showtime, but we haven’t heard anything since the initial report.
  • We also have The Mastermind, a show with Legion’s Noah Hawley and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman that’s set up at FX and has the Russos on board as executive producers and directors (assuming they’re not too busy making billion-dollar Avengers sequels). The project is about a former drug kingpin who becomes an informant for the FBI.
  • The Russos were also developing a—get this—comic book adaptation for Fox called Sexcastle that was set to star Workaholics’ Blake Anderson as a former assassin named Sexcastle (he doesn’t live in a sex castle).
  • Back in 2015, they were also set to produce a totally real sci-fi project from famous memoir liar James Frey called Space Runners. We made a joke at the time about how it sounded suspiciously like the name of the guy from Star Wars and made a funny header image.
  • There was also a “politically incorrect” NBC sitcom that didn’t sound very good. That one may have come out for all we know, as it didn’t sound particularly memorable in the first place.
  • More recently, the Russos were attached to a mysterious sci-fi movie from the guys behind Swiss Army Man that was supposed to be very “original.” We predicted that it would be called Captain Chompy’s Fabulous Space Cruise and that it would center on a dinosaur flying a spaceship. Nothing has come of that yet, unfortunately.
  • Hey, comic books aren’t the only things that can become movies and TV shows, as the Russos proved when they put their names on a TV adaptation of spooky puzzle-platformer game Little Nightmares.
  • The Russo boys are also attached to a TV adaptation of The Warriors for Hulu, if you can dig it, but that seems to have stalled in the last two years. Maybe they could not dig it?
  • Speaking of comic book adaptations, which we’ve done once or twice in this story already, Syfy ordered a pilot last year for the Russos’ version of Rick Remender and Wes Craig’s Deadly Class. In a surprising twist, though, we’ve actually seen a trailer for that project. Take that, Guillermo del Toro! Sometimes the Russo brothers actually make the things they say they’re going to make.
  • Finally, the Russos have also been attached to direct an all-male remake of the hit comedy Ghostbusters from 2016. Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt were supposedly attached way back in 2015, but it’s unclear if the movie is still going to happen.
  • They’re also making Avengers 4 if that counts.

And that, as far as we know, is all of it. Maybe at some point they can take a nap? Just looking up all of these links was a lot more work than we’re used to, so we can’t imagine actually making all of this stuff.