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Here's what's coming to Amazon Prime in January

(Screenshot: Funny Or Die)
(Screenshot: Funny Or Die)

New Year’s Day is on its way, and with it, the usual efforts to recover from revelry-based ordeals of New Year’s Eve. Really, it’s the perfect day to curl up with a laptop, cruise over to Amazon Prime, and let Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell yell at you for a couple of hours.


That’s the promise of the streaming service’s new Funny Or Die special, The 2018 Rose Parade Hosted by Cord & Tish, which, as the name suggests, is offering itself up as an alternative to more traditional January 1 fare. The special will star Shannon and Ferrell as a pair of bickering local news celebs, fake-chippering their way through the day’s marching-based events.

If you want something a little more low-key and trippy, meanwhile, you’ll have to wait a week; that’s when the streamer’s new sci-fi series, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, will waft into its catalog. The anthology series promises to dip into a number of the Blade Runner author’s obsessions, including identity and the nature of reality. (No Will Ferrell, though.)

Meanwhile, there’s also the latest season of Doctor Who on offer, and—for those willing to pony up some cash—the spectacle of Gerard Butler’s ludicrously conceived disaster thriller Geostorm. That one you have to pay for, though; Geostorm don’t come for free.

Available January 1:

The 2018 Rose Parade Hosted by Cord & Tish

Doctor Who, Season 10

All Is Lost

American Ninja


Avenging Force


Baby Mama’s Club

Black Rain


Burning Blue

But I’m A Cheerleader


Coming Soon

Cool World

Cross Bronx

Dangerous Curves

Drop Dead Sexy



Freedom Writers




Hustle & Flow

Invaders From Mars

Love And Death

Love Story

Murphy’s Law

Platoon Leader

Pretty Bird


Requiem For A Dream

Reservoir Dogs

Revenge Of The Ninja

Revolutionary Road

Richard The Lionheart

Show Of Force

Six Degrees Of Separation

Step Into Liquid

Street Smart

The Perfect Weapon

The Presidio

The Wraith

Thelma & Louise

Uncommon Valor

Words And Pictures


Available January 5:

The Devil’s Double

Available January 6:

Grimm, Season 6

Available January 7:

A Ghost Story

Available January 9:

Prime Suspect: Tennison

Available January 12:

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, Season One

Available January 16:

My Mother And Other Strangers

Available January 17:

The Midwife

Available January 19:

Just Add Magic, Season Two

Available January 30:

Grantchester, Season Three

Remember Me

Available January 31:

XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage